Sep. 14-18: Sizzle trip(Hotsprings trip from Pemberton to Harrison and then back home.*

*This will be postponed by one week. But I really did it.

The first day, I rode BC Rail from North Van. to Pemberton. I could have ridden to Mt. Curie, but the price would have jumped by several dollars and stopped at Pemberton. On the way, I popped in the airport and had a glider ride.

The slight slope next to Lizzie Bay forced me to call it a day and camped there at forest campsite. It was one of the best sites of the whole trip. Surprisingly I was all alone.

The second day, I stopped at Skoocum Hotsrprings for a rest. This time I was afraid of being fatigued after a bath and did not soak. I pushed up to the North fork of Slouquet Cr., where I camped; a squiel was the only companion that evening.

The third day, in the morning I crossed the creek by a fallen tree and hiked to the Slouquet Hotsprings. The distance was much longer than expected and took me almost one hour. Here I did not miss a soak. I saw a lone tent up on the longing road but noone in the pools down below.

As anticipated the section south of Tipella was the roughest and I walked quite a distance. When I saw the sign of Wood Lake forest campsite, I felt relieved. The site was full of people and very noisy; particulary a couple using a chain saw cutting their fire wood. Fortunately I was so tired that I did not have much problem to sleep.

Finally on the fourth day, I could have a brunch at the Indian Reserve cafe before Sasquach Inn. Once I hit the Lougheed Highway my progress improved dramatically and easily reached my home in the early afternoon.