Get to Know Our Wedding Party




Maid of Honour - Jessica
Angie's beautiful and eligible younger sister, 'J', recently graduated from the University of Calgary with a degree in English Literature.     She's now away on an extended exploration of South-East Asia, and has entrusted Angie and Johnny to care for her beloved cat, Gabby.   J may be taller than Angie, but she's actually younger.  Angie is very protective of her little sis!

Best Man - Allen
Allen has been credited with turning Johnny's life away from petty crime at the tender age of 16.   Since high school and through numerous escapades, they've been closest friends.   Allen now lives and works in San Francisco, but still manages to keep Johnny on the straight-and-narrow.

Photographer - Paul

Paul and Johnny met while they were engineering students at UBC.   Since that time, they've found many other shared interests, including mountain biking, photography, camping, and any sort of outdoorsy-sport.  This year, Paul completed the Vancouver Marathon and trained for adventure races with Johnny.  This is the first wedding he's acted as the photographer for.

Photographer's Assistant - Carrie
Carrie teaches choir to high school students.   She's also taught English in Korea and travelled extensively in Europe and Asia.   Her most impressive achievement, however, is keeping her boyfriend Paul (photographer, see above) in line on a daily basis.
Ceremony Reader - Kerri
  Kerri and Angie have known each other since elementary school.  These two have been extremely close and supportive of each other for more than fifteen years, despite the geographical distance created by Angie's wandering around the world.  Kerri and her husband Charles live in Calgary with their dog, Jones.
Master of Ceremony - Vince
Vince (also known as the Physics King) and Johnny created paths for each other to follow.  From high school, to UBC engineering, to employment in Germany, to their current employment at Creo, they've either done them together or set the stage for the other to follow.

Angie's Parents - Pat and Joe
Pat and Joe have lived in Red Deer, Alberta for the past 30 years. Recently, however, they joined the ranks of the many Canadians who 'fly' south every winter.   For six months out of each year, Pat and Joe enjoy their home in Surprise, Arizona, which allows them to golf year-round and never have to shovel snow. In addition to golf, the focus of their lives is their beloved dogs, Emily and Duffy.

Johnny's Parents - Ayako and Shu
Ayako and Shu are enjoying their well-deserved retirement by taking advantage of the beauty and great weather of BC.   Ayako golfs several days a week and also enjoys ballroom dancing and art.    Shu is an avid cyclist, and covers thousands of kilometers each month.