Get to Know Johnny




Born and raised in Vancouver, Johnny was the first-born child of Ayako and Shu.  The Oshika family greatly valued an active life, so it was - and still is - common to find them camping in remote areas, hiking the many peaks of BC, or skiing in Whistler.  This emphasis on outdoor activity formed a lifelong love for sports that Johnny still embraces today.  From soccer to hockey in his youth to mountain biking and trail running nowadays, Johnny finds himself just as comfortable sweating at high elevation as he does relaxing at home.

Education was another key aspect of life that Johnny's parents highly valued.  This must have caused a lot of frustration when Johnny's early schooling years showed that he had little interest in education.  Johnny's grades were lackluster at best, and often on the verge of failing.  Plagued with problems in and out of school, it wasn't until he became best friends with Allen (Best Man) in high school that he realized it was both possible and worth the effort to achieve in school. 

This was undoubtedly the turning point in Johnny's life.  His grades started to flourish and he was able to follow Vince (MC) to study engineering at UBC.

UBC offered many of the usual experiences of university life, but the real education that Johnny got was the experience outside of its classrooms and long-night study sessions.  Living away from home, he started feeling a real sense of responsibility that he never had before.  The engineering co-op program sent him to live on the other side of the country and even in Europe, where he developed a taste for travel.  Most importantly, he spent a couple of work terms at Creo, the company that is now his full-time employer.    His experiences at UBC shaped Johnny's early adulthood and helped to define the person that he is today.

Every step along the way, Johnny met people that changed his life.  But nothing could have prepared him for what happened in the fall of 2001, when he met Angie.  Angie combines good looks, great wit, lifelong curiosity, and a wealth of knowledge that help make Johnny a better person with more focus and direction.  She and Johnny are learning together to live life to its greatest potential, and both see this as the beginning of a lifelong partnership.