Get to Know Angie




When she was young, Angie's family lived in such faraway locales as New Zealand and Saudi Arabia, but they have always considered home to be in Red Deer, Alberta.  Angie was a quiet kid, happy to have her nose buried in a book and to hang out with her many pets.  When she was 15, Angie moved to Victoria, BC to attend a private boarding school.  It was her first time living away from home, but she loved the experience - the desire to move to distant places seems to run in the family.

High school in BC led to university in Quebec as Angie moved to Montreal to attend McGill.  At first she tried to pursue her high school interest in biochemistry and physiology, but halfway through her degree she changed courses and graduated with a BA in Religious Studies.

After graduating from McGill, Angie moved directly to Fukue, Japan to teach English to Japanese junior high school students. The town she lived in was very remote and very rural, but the complete immersion in the culture and language was an enlightening, rather than frightening, experience.   Angie learned Japanese, made friends, and studied Japanese dance and flower arranging (ikebana). While in Japan, Angie took the opportunity to travel often in SouthEast Asia and the Pacific, as her 'gypsy feet' led her to ever more distant and exotic locales.  Even after leaving Japan almost four years ago, she still has an interest and special fondness for all things Japanese - especially Johnny!

After two years in Japan, the time came for Angie to return to Canada.  She chose to move to Vancouver in order to stay close to the Japanese community, and hopefully keep up her Japanese language skills (this hasn't happened).  After months of struggling to find work and friends in Vancouver, she finally started to make the city her home (although she's still confused by all the one-way streets downtown).

Johnny and Angie were introduced by a mutual friend, and Angie noticed that he was quite a catch right away; they became a couple in the autumn of 2001.  Falling in love was an easy next step, and Johnny's flexibility and diverse interests continue to compliment Angie's wanderlust and frequently-distracted curiosity well.  She hopes their life together will involve travel, kids, and lots of pets, maybe all at the same time!